In most cases, we will have photo orders in your hands within 2-3 weeks of picture day.   Please see our timeline table below for detailed information on when your online gallery will be ready to view, when your order will be placed, and when your order will be fulfilled. 



HOLIDAY TURNAROUND TIMELINE FOR GALLERIES:  If a holiday falls on the day your gallery is scheduled to be ready to viewed, then your gallery will be available to view the next business day. 

HOLIDAY TURNAROUND TIMELINE FOR ORDERS:  If a holiday falls on the day your order is to be placed or delivered, then your order will be placed or delivered on the next business day.


​All finished prints and products are individually packaged and sorted by team for ease of distribution.  Every order is hand-inspected for both quality and accuracy before delivery. Orders will then be delivered to your school or league for easy distribution.

SCHOOL OR LEAGUE DELIVERY NOTICE:  Our studio cannot be held responsible for the quality of your order once it has been delivered to your athlete's school or league.  Please make sure that you instruct your athlete to not bend, crease, or damage your sports print and/or product order once it has been handed out to them.      

No, currently our studio does NOT charge shipping for any sports print and/or product orders, even late orders.  We are able to offer this savings to you because our studio personally delivers all sports orders to your athlete's school or league once it has been fulfilled.      

No, our studio does not offer a shipping option at this time.  In order for our studio to offer you FREE shipping for all sports print and/or product orders we currently only offer delivery to your athlete's school or league.  Alternate delivery arrangement can be made when you contact our studio.

Unless you have contacted our studio to make alternate delivery arrangements, your order will be delivered to your athlete's school or leage once it has been fulfilled.  Please remember that our studio currently does not have a shipping option at this time, so if you are placing an order for yourself or for a family member who lives outside the greater Monmouth, IL area you will ultimately be responsible for your order once it has been delivered to your athlete's school or league.  


HOLIDAY DELAYS:  Our studio and professional printing labs observe all nationally recognized holidays.  If your order is to be placed on or around a nationally recognized holiday please understand that this may delay the delivery of your order.  

TRANSIT DELAYS:  Transit delays can be caused by a number of issues, such as poor weather conditions, transit damage by the shipper, an observed national holiday. . .ect.  If your order is delayed by these or any other issue we will contact you through one of the methods detailed in the Delay Announcements information below.

SPORTS ADD-ON ITEM DELAYS:  Some Sports Add-On items may take a bit longer to fulfill than our regular 7 business days.  Because we don't want to hold up your entire team's orders, we will deliver everything our studio has fulfilled to your school or league at the regularly scheduled time.  Our studio will notify you if your Sports Add-On item is not included in your team's first delivery and will contact you when your Sports Add-On order has been delivered to your school or league. 

DELAY NOTIFICATIONS:  Please be assured that we are personally monitoring the status of every order and that​ these types of delays, that we mentioned above, usually only prolong your delivery by a short time.​  If your entire team's order is expected to be delayed please remember that our studio will make a Facebook announcement in order to notify your entire team at once.  If you happened to have ordered late, or ordered a Sports Add-On Item that is taking a bit longer to arrive than expected, our studio will contact you personally when your order has been delivered to your school or league.  


ORDERS PLACED AFTER YOUR TEAM'S 1ST ORDER:  Who wants to pay for shipping?  WE DON'T!  So, in order to save everyone a bit of $$ all orders placed after your team's first order deadline will be processed by our studio on the following Monday or Friday at 3:00pm.  Once your order has been processed by our studio it will be delivered to your athlete's school or league within 7 business days.  Please remember that depending on when you've placed your order with our studio the normal 7 business day turnaround timeline may not apply.

MONDAY ORDERS:  Orders placed after 3:00pm Friday, through the weekend and before 3:00pm Monday will be processed by our studio on Monday at 3:00pm.  Please allow up to 7 business days FROM MONDAY for your order to be fulfilled and delivered to your athlete's school or league.

FRIDAY ORDERS:  Orders placed after 3:00pm Monday, through the week and before 3:00pm Friday will be processed by our studio on Friday at 3:00pm.  Please allow up to 7 business days FROM FRIDAY for your order to be fulfilled and delivered to your athlete's school or league.

REMEMBER:  There is NO additional fee for late orders.


It's very important to our studio that you receive your new sports picture order on time.  Remember that we will make a Facebook announcement when the first orders have been delivered to your school or team.  If you ordered late our studio will email you when your order has been delivered to your school office or team manager. 

MISSING ENTIRE ORDER:  If you believe that you are missing your entire order we ask that you first contact your school office or team manager to see if the orders have been handed out to the athletes.  After contacting your school or team manager and they have confirmed that the orders have been handed out to the athletes then contact our studio right away.  

INCOMPLETE ORDER:  If part of your order has been delayed our studio will notify you with more information about the issue and when to expect the remainder of your order to be delivered.  If part of your order is missing and our studio has not contacted you then please contact our studio right away.  Mistakes happen, we're only human, but we will do everything in our power to correct the issue promptly.   

2 WEEK GRACE PERIOD:  If you believe that there is an error with your order please contact our studio WITHIN 2 WEEKS of your order being delivered to your school or league and we'll be happy to correct this error at no additional charge.  If you contact our studio after this 2 week grace period you will need to purchase a new package and/or product.       

​If you're unable to find an answer to your question here then we encourage you to contact out studio.

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